Type: Floating
Size: 8.5cm
Weight: 5.7g
Hook: VANFOOK DT-45S # 8 back and front

HMKL Jordan 85 is a volume-up model of the surface magician orginal model HMKL Jordan 6.5 cm. It is ideal for situations where the bait fish is large and 65 size Jordan is not enough, and the maximum weight setting that can be cast long distance with a spinning tackle is also effective for capturing a bass in a distant place with low pressure. In addition, the 50 and 65 size is equipped without rear hook to support chase from the rear of the lure, making it even more powerful Jordan.

HMKL Jordan is more than just a spring-only surface lure. In any season, if you link to the bait that the bass prey on, the bite rate will increase. Please try HMKL Jordan, a surface magician.

If the tinsel is facing in different directions or is distorted at the time of purchase, lightly stroke it with your finger before use.

Main patterns

First, cast and leave the line and lure in a straight line for 20 to 30 seconds.
A pattern that floats a fish suspended in a spring smelt pattern or a summer man-made structure to the surface of the water and makes it a hit.

When the reaction cannot be obtained by the first method
A pattern in which Jordan is twitched on the surface of the water to notice the existence of a lure and hit it.

When no reaction can be obtained by the bellow methods
A pattern that quickly twitches at the time of collection to produce a bait that escapes and makes a reaction bite.

A pattern that quickly approaches the boiled fish and pulls it at high speed to bite.

A pattern that makes a faint pulling wave on the water surface by dead slow retrieve to appeal and hit the fish that is migrating or chasing the bait.

Recommended tackle

Rod: Spinning rod
6ft ~ 7ft Light class ● Line: Nylon line 4 ~ 5lb Fluoro line 3 ~ 5lb PE0.4 ~ 0.8
Leader: Nylon and Fluoro both 4 ~ 6lb

When tying the line to the lure, if possible please tie it directly to the lure without using a snap. Using snaps makes a faint sound and makes the lure move a lot, so Jordan's appeal is not fully demonstrated.

Basic action

Slow retrieve : Very slight rolling action.
High-speed retrieve : S-shaped action with a small swing width.
Twitch & Jerk : A sharp dirt action.


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