Type: Suspending
Size: 8.5 cm
Weight: 6.3 g
Hook: VANFOOK DT-45S #8
Sharp darting action

HMKL K-I MINNOW is a mass-produced version for the original HMKL minnow handmade of balsa wood, and is made up of plastic with tungsten weight which
realised higher castability. It's side eyes create wide and sharp action of darting, and it's thin bill makes the action more sensitive. It has a wide range of variations in colors as follows: colored with wrapping foil of cigarette packet, a traditional color inherited from handmade HMKL lure, highly natural colors that imitate natural baitfishes at fields to the utmost or wilder colors that trigger the instinct of bass. It can fully work especially in tough conditions.

How to use :

KI MINNOW 85 SP supports all minnowing such as straight retrieve, twitch and jerk.

Eye tuning method

Adjustment when not swimming straight

Insert a nail or the like and bend the eye in the direction opposite to the direction in which the lure travels with pliers so as not to deform the eye. (Be careful not to bend it too much.)

Basic eye position and action adjustment

The position shown on the left is the basic eye position. If it is upward, it will show a tight action, and if it is downward, it will show a wide action, so please adjust it to your favorite angle before use.




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