Type: Floating Topwater / Metronome Sound
Size: 11.5 cm
Weight: 12 g
Hook: VANFOOK DT-45S # 4

WAKE Jordan is a model that allows you to "invite fishing", which was difficult with HMKL Jordan.

When you can't get a reaction just by throwing and waiting, you can swim with a jerk or retrieve to quickly react to the rod action and make a big pulling wave and a comfortable metronome sound to pull out the reaction bite of the big bass.

Traditional Jordan is good at clear water and smelt lake, but in addition to those, it is this WAKE Jordan that can be used with muddy water. In Twitch, dog walk just below the surface of the water, and in straight retrieve, a powerful rolling action makes waves on the surface of the water. Just like Jordan, you can cast it and just wait, or you can move it with rod work and invite it, and use it in various ways while watching the situation.


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