Erie 115 MD Mid Diving
Size: 11,5 cm
Weight: 3/4 oz = 20.9g - Weight with full suspend
Dive Depth: 2.3m
Remove weight: Slow Floating
Cut Weight: Suspending
Full Weight: Slow Sinking

NISHINE Original Snap - SIZE #1+ (12KG)

NISHINE Original Weight - Adjust suspension

Ichikawa Fishing Kamakiri Treble Hook #5

The Erie 115MD is semi-hand made by Hiroshi NISHINE, and he can produce only limited quantities. Therefore, this model has not been sold to any dealers in North America or in Japan. It's a very exclusive product brought to you by French Touch Fishing. 

More about the Erie 115MD history on Nishine's blog

Erie 115 MD

Ghost Smelt


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