Weight: 8g
Hook: Owner 2/0

Qty / pack: 2pcs

Maybe the simplest tool but it’s all in the details !
SmeltHead are designed and tested at Great Lakes in Canada by Hiroshi Nishine.
Jig head is the most versatile lure but Hiroshi couldn’t find good jigheads which he wanted to use in the market. This is why those jigheads were born.
« Jig head is very simple lure but not easy to make a good one because it’s simple. »
Long nose design of SmeltHead act different action as traditional style jighead which is sometime so key to trigger bite when you fish vertical.

Trailer keeper of the SmeltHeads is very simple but it has reason.
We had tried many kind of trailer keeper but we found this simple shape holds plastic more than other keepers which we tested.
Especially it holds plastic amazingly if you will use glue when you install plastic on this keeper.

Hiroshi Nishine reveals :
« I think hook is the most important in jighead.
I tested many hooks and understood that I don’t have to rely only one hook company and model. »
All fact like size of hook, wire diameter, sharpness, durability etc has to be balanced.
We choose the best hook which I found in the market for SmeltHeads.

*5/8oz(18g) hook size 4/0 Gamakastu and 2/0 Owner
*3/7oz(12g) hook size 4/0 Gamakastu and 2/0 Owner
*2/7oz(8g) hook size 4/0 Gamakastu and 2/0 Owner
*1/8oz(3.5g) hook size 1 Owner

Simple criterion,
*4/0 hook model is good for 5inch softbait or bigger size.
*2/0 hook model is good for around 4inch size.
*1 hook size is good for smaller size.
Please select the matching model with your favorite plastics!

Product Point

1. Suitable for both vertical & cast fishing

2. it keeps an ideal horizontal attitude when fishing vertically.

3. When casting, it swims headed down posture which makes easier to keep  

    depth. Even when it swims with hitting the bottom, the slightly raised tail  

    creates live tail action.

4. The long nose tip works as the role of crankbait lip and avoid snagging and  

   slim shape can avoid stuck in rocks.

5. Trailer keeper in pursuit of the hold performance of the trailer.

Available in 3 colors, in 4 different weights and 3 different hooks.

Smelt Head 8g 2/0



Smelt Head 8g 2/0

Pearl White


Smelt Head 8g 2/0

Black Back