Type: Sinking
Size: 6.5 cm
Weight: 4.1 g
Hook: VANFOOK DT-45S # 10

K-I Mac 65, a sinking prop bait, is designed on the inspiration that water stream caused by propellers encourages fishes who show no interest to swimming lures to use their mouth. The most peculiar point is that the body doesn't roll while the propellers keep turning, which is made possible by the elaboration to keep the body horizontal in water and minimize the action.

How to use:
Basically, please use KI Mac 65 in slow retrieve after counting after casting and landing to reach the target water depth.

The horizontal posture of the body is stabilized by rotating the propeller back and forth in the reverse direction. Therefore, if the body tilts during reeling, adjust the angle of the propeller so that it rotates smoothly.

K-I Mac 65

Izumi Pink