– Type : Casting 2 pcs
– Action Medium – Heavy / Fast Action
– Total Lenght : 2m13 – 7 pieds
– Pack lenght : 1m11
– Lures : 7 – 25 g
– Mono: fluoro/nylon from 8 – 20 lb (20/000 à 40/000)
– PE: 8 / 20 lb – 20/000 mm – 23/000 mm – PE 0.8 – PE 2.0
– Guides : 4 double foot+ 5 Monos + Top Fuji SIC
– Weight: 129 g

Following the success of the EASY FISH glasses, BIG FISH 1983 have developed a fishing rod in the same optic with a simple and effective design.

Above all, the EASY BASS is the rod that meets our vision of fishing ; limit yourself to the essentials at the river side : a rod, a box of lure and that's it !

The challenge that guided the design of the EASY BASS was to design an extremely versatile rod, responding to the great diversity of fishing situations encountered : both in terms of the lures used and the types of water fished.

The characteristics of the EASY BASS are the result of this reflection.
The inspiration came to us from the US with Black Bass-style action rods that we adapted to our fishing style : a soft tip to easily cast and give action to the lure followed by a lot of backbone for efficient hooking.

Its action: It has a moderate "fast" action allowing you to spend your entire box of lures during the day without compromising on the presentation. Start with a surface lure, continue with a jerkbait through a shad tail in steady retrieve, you can end your fishing session with a jig in the obstacles: no problem with the EASY BASS.

Adapted to a wide range of techniques (topwater, jerkbait, spinnerbait, crankbait, chatterbait, jig and LS in texas ranging from 7g to 25g) whether from the banks, in a float tube or in a boat, it is a great all round rod.

Its length: From the top of its 7 feet (2m13), the EASY BASS can place in orbit any lure, making it possible to reach the most distant spots without difficulty. Its size also facilitates long-distance action and its large lever arm ensures efficient hooking.

His handle : In US style, the EASY BASS handle is relatively short (39cm) to ensure better action. The animations of stickbaits and jerkbaits type lures are greatly facilitated. In float tube, its short heel becomes an advantage compared to other rods.

Its power range: To maximize the versatility of the EASY BASS, we have selected a power range from 7 to 25g. We realized that this represents 95% of fishing situations. Even with a 3.5g jig head, it is not uncommon for the combination with the soft lure to exceed 7g. With more and more efficient casting reels, we are no longer limited to pitching and the issue of casting distance is no longer a problem, even with 7g. The power limit is reached with lures of more than 25g, beyond that it becomes more specific fishing.

Easy to use, the EASY BASS is aimed for all types of beginners in casting as well as experienced anglers. The "All round" characteristics of the EASY BASS make it a rod that adapts to most situations.

The EASY BASS casting rod designed by Big Fish 1983 to simply respond to modern pike and black bass lure fishing.


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