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Introduction of the Grow Design Works FLAG255 in Europe.

This original soft swim bait is 100% made in Japan & designed by Grow Design Works. This new size has a much bigger profile than the 170mm little brother.

Size : 255mm / 10 inch
Weight : 90g / 3.2 Oz
Type : Super Slow Sinking

You can control it easily through the operation of the reel handle. I made "what I want" : Seeing is believing.

Please take a look at the movement of FLAG255 first.


Aiming for a slide action that makes the most of the flexible body of the soft bait.
Various actions are possible with the retrieve speed of the reel.

Simple operation

Reel retrieve speed Stop & Go makes it easy to take action.

Slow retrieve

I-shaped action The fin parts that extend to the left and right of the body and the slightly longer tail shape provide moderate resistance, stabilize the body balance, and maintain the I-shaped posture.

Dog walk

You can make good use of Line Slack for dog walk action.

Medium retrieve

Flag action The front of the body rolls, and the rear of the body makes a big action to the left and right like a flag fluttering in the wind.
The slightly longer tail shape also flutters to the left and right to generate water flow.

Mix retrieve (stop & go)

Please enjoy the operation of swimbait by mixing the retrieve speed of the reel and stop & go as well.

Simple Hookset

The FLAG 255 is also equipped with our characteristic hook hold slit. As the name suggests, the lure body is equipped with a slit (groove) for inserting the hook, and since the fixed position of the hook is fixed, you can easily set the hook just by advancing the hook along the slit shape.
In addition, the FLAG255 has a slit that can accommodate a hook eye.
The slit shape makes it easier for the hook to pop out of the body when a fish hits, reducing damage to the lure body.
With the swivel connected to the hook, it is difficult for the fish to hook out.

Simple sinking speed adjustment

By adopting a special floating material, It is possible to adjust the sinking speed with a nail sinker. So that it can adjust to the situation of the moment, the mood of the fish, and the feeling of the angler. It is also a feature of soft swimbait and it is a fun place to be able to adjust to various swimming postures by inserting the nail sinker in the position you want.

FLAG255 has 3 Tunsten sinkers.

There is a hole for a nail sinker on the abdomen of the fin parts at the second node of the body. Insert a nail sinker of about 0g to 1.3g into this hole and adjust the sinking speed.

At a standard, 0.9g of nail sinker is inserted. Using a nail sinker that is out of scope may impair the original action.

Basically, it is set to super slow sinking. When used in summer or salt water, it may be a floating model or a suspended model, but there is no problem with the product.
Please adjust with a nail sinker.

Included extra 3D EYE 2 sets (left and right)

FLAG 255

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FLAG 255

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FLAG 255



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