Size: 11 cm
Weight: 25.5g
Type: Floating
Hooks : Ichikawa Fishing Kamakiri Treble #2

Included :

Original T-Blade & P-Blade 

All metal parts are stainless steel : props, blades, screws... suitable for SW use.

NISHINE Original Snap - SIZE #2+ (22KG)

NISHINE Original Weight - Adjust weight

Dedicated to the topwater enthusiasts !

HIroshi Nishine message is 

Customize at will :

"Just roll, jerk & pause, subsurface ...

Customize Abino as you want and play the Topwater game as you like !

I want you to enjoy water fishing ... !"

Custom your favorite topwater lure thinking about your water.

Throwing a custom lure with the joy of tuning, will bring you all the fun and the excitement of catching fish. "

Abino 110F was developed with such a concept in mind and 5 differents desstings are possible. Check the pictures carefully.

Please try not only bass fishing but also various predator fish all over the world.

The blade attached to the abdomen of the Abino body serves as a source of rolling, and although it is a double prop bait, it swims while generating roll action. At that time, a metallic sound is also generated.

By tuning with blades, propellers, outer weights, etc., it can be used in various ways.
Please check to the tuning video on YT.


1. Customized double nut type screw structure
2. Specially shaped rear prop that generates metal click noise
3. Carving scales and finish by full hand carving

Special custom made T-Blade
- Generates tight rolling action

Special custom made P-Blade
- Generates wide rolling action

Abino 110F

Juvenile Largemouth


Abino 110F

Ghost Shad


Abino 110F

Juvenile Blue Gill


Abino 110F

Pearl Flash


Abino 110F

Yellow Perch