Size : 4 inch / 10cm
Qty per pack : 5 pcs 

    This creature, which imitates a shrimp, utilizes the buoyancy peculiar to non-salt, and the antennas, claws, and legs react with the slight stream of water, inviting the predators with unprecedented delicate and realistic movements. The built-in krill flavor allows you to undoubtedly bring it deeper into the bite.

    It is compatible with all types of rigs such as Neko rig, Texas, Carolina, jig heads, and jig trailers, so it can be used in a variety of situations.

    We have prepared two sizes, a realistic and practical 4-inch size that pursues the original size of the shrimp, and a 3-inch size that pursues delicacy to cope with tough conditions.


    June Bug


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